Personal ID Cards

Apply for a WashU ID Card

New and returning students can request a WashU ID here. We will ask for a photo of yourself in portrait mode facing towards the camera.

Contractor-Vendor ID (CVID) Card Request

Mandatory form for all new University contractors, or staff members hired by WashU through a third-party.

Faculty-Family Member ID Card Request

Contact WashU Campus Card Services at or call (314) 935-8800 Faculty-Family ID Requests.

Guest ID Card Request

Guest ID cards for visitors of campus who are non-contracted nor hold a file in WashU Workday.

Order a Metro UPass

Students and employees can register for a Metro UPass here. It allows free transportation in the St. Louis area provided by the Metro system.

Bear Bucks

Bear Bucks Deposit Form

Students can requests deposits to their Bear Bucks account here. If you have received Bear Bucks as a reward/gift, please fill this form out.

Bear Bucks Reader Request

Student groups can rent out Campus Card equipment for events that collect funds. Note that any damages to these devices while under use may result in fees and that Campus Card services will take 5% of funds collected.

External Group Bear Bucks Deposit Request

If you are a non-affiliated WashU group, you can request Bear Bucks funds here.

Recommend a Bear Bucks Merchant

If you would like to recommend a local business to become a Bear Bucks Merchant, please do so above! We will require their contact info such as email and phone number.

Interested Merchant Application Form

If you’re interested in becoming one of WashU’s Bear Buck Merchants, apply so here.

Card Access

Order Temporary Department Cards

We give out temporary cards for building access and/or Beak Bucks funds. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing, with the payment in full and approval from your department beforehand.

Service Ticket

Vending Machine Service Ticket

If you need a refund because of a machine error, request so here.

Laundry Machine Service Ticket

If you need a refund because of an error with the washing/drying machines, request so here.