Please Read Request Form Conditions Before Proceeding Below

  • Allow 2 weeks for processing.
  • All internal service deliveries must be approved before funds can be added.
  • Please approve this request with your department before submitting it to our office.
  • Do not submit the request unless your department is prepared to pay in full.

Updated in 2023, please be aware of these recent changes to our policies.

  • Requested Bear Bucks are loaded on the cards and the department is billed by CCS
  • Request Forms are updated with the billing information and filed.
  • Forms must be signed off on by a Department Head or higher(Director level or higher)
  • Forms must list a business purpose.
  • Campus Card Services is not responsible for how Bear Bucks funds are used.
(BBD) Bear Bucks Deposit Form
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Department Information

Requester Information

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Department Head Information

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Bear Bucks Recipients Names, ID Numbers, and Deposit Total

View the starter file template: Download Template

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Upload a spreadsheet(.xlsx) file or .csv made through Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program. The file should be a complete listing of all the cardholders(as rows) you are wishing to deposit Bear Bucks funds to. For columns, each cardholder row must include a column for First & Last Name, 6-digit WashU SIS Identification Number(Located on the WashU ID for Students and on Workday for Faculty-Staff), 11-digit WashU ID Number, and amount of funds you wish to deposit to each cardholder. All information must be complete, to ensure the deposit of funds and accurate documentation for tax purposes.
For tax purposes, each student/staff member who receives funds through this process must have a corresponding Gift-Prize-Award Form attached. See the link below from Financial Services. If you have any questions, email
The total dollar amount should match the attached spreadsheet.