Can I use my Summer Conferences and Programs Flamingo bear bucks card off-campus?

Grubhub only works for accounts that are linked to a valid WUSTLKey. As a
result, Grubhub cannot be used with a summer card. There is no workaround.

Will payroll deductible still be available?

  • You can load your card with a credit card
  • You can payroll deduct – this is based on what you spend

How many off-campus merchants are available on Grubhub?

4 Locations are available. Chicago Fish & Chicken, Fozzie’s, Global Quesadilla, and Slim Chicken’s

What changes for me with the system replacement?

  • Loading funds to the account and checking account balances will be different for all current users with the new system. Students will no longer use WebSTAC, and faculty and staff will not be able to load funds through payroll. The payroll charge option for faculty and staff will not change.
  • Bear Bucks is currently unavailable at off-campus partners and at on-campus Coca-Cola vending machines.

What is the difference between the Bear Bucks charge feature and adding funds via payroll?
(Faculty and Staff ONLY)

  • Bear Bucks charge feature allows you to swipe your card to make purchases that will then be deducted from your next payroll.
  • The current option of adding funds via payroll deduction in a declining balance account will no longer available. You may add funds to the declining balance (Bear Bucks) account using a credit card online. More info to follow on instructions.

How do I add funds to my Bear Bucks account through the GET portal? (Faculty and Staff ONLY)

The GET portal was retired as a result of the system replacement. All Bear Bucks users
will manage their Bear Bucks accounts through Atrium Connect.

How will I learn how to load funds and check balances in the new system?

You can access the Atrium Connect User Guide and learn how to load funds and check
balances in the new system by following the instructions on the guide.

What happened to the funds I already have in my Bear Bucks account?

You did NOT lose any funds. Your account balance was transferred over to the new

Who can users contact if their cards stop working?

Users can contact Campus Card Services at or by calling
(314) 935-8800.

What is happening with the Bear Bucks off-campus?

Bear Bucks has changed and can be used as a purchasing option exclusively at on-
campus establishments and campus stores. View all official on-campus Bear Bucks
locations on our website
. Additionally, Bear Bucks can be used to conveniently pay
for orders from any Grubhub merchant nationwide, via pick-up and delivery through the
Grubhub app.

Is Bear Bucks going away off-campus?

At this time, Bear Bucks off-campus will not be available for the 2023-2024 academic

Who made the decision about the change in Bear Bucks off-campus?

The decision about Bear Bucks off-campus for the 2023-2024 academic year was made
by University Services following the summer replacement project.