During Summer

Bear Bucks cannot be added through charging a Billing Account. Students must instead use Credit/Debit Card on GET or deposit cash/check by visiting the Campus Card Services office.

Bear Bucks is a cashless system on the WashU ID card that can be used to make purchases on and off campus.

Bear Bucks are accepted on all four Washington University in St. Louis campuses as well as at select off-campus businesses. Washington University in St. Louis receives a small percentage of sales associated with Bear Bucks, which it uses to cover administrative costs to operate the program. Click here to see where you can spend your Bear Bucks off campus!

Click here for Bear Bucks Terms and Conditions.

On and off-campus locations that accept Bear Bucks

On-Campus Businesses

Danforth Campus:

Medical Campus:

Off-Campus Businesses
Please Note: Bear Bucks cannot be used for gift card purchases!

Dining locations at Olin Business School and the School of Medicine accept Bear Bucks but not meal points. Undergraduate students may use their Bear Bucks at other on-campus dining locations only when they have exhausted their meal plan.

Danforth Campus:

  • Bauer Hall Café – Bauer Hall
  • Bear’s Den – South 40 House
  • Café Bergson – Danforth University Center
  • Cherry Tree Café – South 40 House
  • DUC Servery – Danforth University Center
  • Etta’s Micro-Mart – Steinberg Hall
  • Grounds for Change – Hillman Hall
  • Ibby’s – Danforth University Center
  • Law Café – Anheuser-Busch Hall
  • Millbrook Market – Village House
  • Parkside Café – Schnuck Pavilion
  • Paws & Go Market – South 40 House
  • Stanley’s Sushi & Tea House – Lopata Hall
  • Starbucks – Bauer Hall
  • Subway – Mallinckrodt Center
  • Village Café – Village House
  • Whispers Café – Olin Library

Medical Campus:

  • Farmstead Café – McDonnell Pediatric Research Building
  • Kaldi’s Coffee at Farrell – Farrell Learning and Teaching Center
  • Kaldi’s Coffee at Mid Campus Center – Mid Campus Center
  • Shell Café – McDonnell Medical Sciences Building

West Campus:

  • West Campus Café

North Campus:

  • Northern Bites

Using your card for laundry services:

  1. Locate an empty machine.
  2. Proceed to the laundry room controller. The display will read: “To Use Washer/Dryer Swipe Card.”
  3. When you swipe your card, your Bear Bucks account balance is displayed. Follow the prompts to deduct the appropriate fee from your account.
  4. Press “START” on the machine to begin.

To add an additional dry cycle, swipe your card when prompted. When your first cycle is complete, press the “Start” button on the dryer to begin the second cycle. To report problems with a card reader, complete an online Laundry Room Card Reader Service Request. To report problems with a laundry machine, request service at https://www.cscsw.com/request-service/.


Card readers have been installed on more than 110 beverage and snack machines on the Danforth, Medical, West, and North Campuses.

There is a $0.10 transaction fee on all credit/debit card and Bear Bucks transactions at Griesedieck Vending Services machines that have the new combination readers.

Vending machine locations:

Danforth Campus:

  • 560 Music Center – Main Floor
  • Anheuser-Busch Hall – Student Commons
  • Athletic Complex – Lobby
  • Beaumont Hall – Kitchen (off main lobby)
  • Bixby Hall – Ground Floor
  • Brauer Hall – First Floor and Third Floor
  • Brown Hall – Main Floor
  • Bryan Hall – Fifth Floor (near Applied Research Laboratory) (beverages only)
  • Crow Hall – Third Floor
  • Cupples I – Ground Floor
  • Cupples II – Second Floor
  • Danforth University Center – Second Floor (near Fun Room) and Third Floor
  • Eads Hall – Lower Level
  • Eliot B House – Laundry Room
  • Givens Hall/Steinberg Hall – Second Floor
  • Goldfarb Hall – Main Floor
  • Green Hall
  • Laboratory Science Building – 400B
  • Hurd Hall – Library
  • January Hall
  • Kemper Art Museum – Basement
  • Knight Center – Main Floor
  • Lein House – Laundry Room
  • Lewis Center – Main Floor
  • Lien House – WUPD Break Room
  • Liggett House – Laundry Room
  • The Lofts – Near restrooms
  • Lopata Hall – Lopata Dock
  • Mallinckrodt Center – Lower Level
  • McDonnell Hall – Main Floor
  • McMillan Hall – Second Floor
  • Millbrook Facilities
  • Nemerov House – Main Floor
  • North Brookings Hall – Lower Level
  • Olin Library – Whispers Café
  • Public Affairs (276 N. Skinker Blvd.) – Near security desk
  • Rebstock Hall – Second Floor
  • Rudolph Hall – Main Floor
  • Seigle Hall – Lower Level
  • Shanedling House – First Floor
  • Simon Hall – Lower Level
  • Somers Family Hall – Main Floor
  • South Brookings Hall – Lower Level
  • South 40 House – First Floor
  • Tietjens Hall – Main Floor
  • Umrath House – Laundry Room
  • Village East – Lower Level, Laundry Room
  • Village House – Basement
  • Whitaker Hall – Student Lounge, Room 319
  • Women’s Building – Garden Level

Medical Campus:

  • 4444 Forest Park Building
  • Bernard Becker Library – Basement
  • BJCIH – Basement, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Floors
  • Central Institute for the Deaf – Main Floor
  • Department of Medicine – First Floor
  • East Building (Radiation) – First Floor
  • East McDonnell – First Floor
  • Farrell Learning and Teaching Center – Next to the café
  • Genome Center – Third Floor
  • Heritage Building – Third Floor
  • McDonnell Building – 2nd and 3rd Floors
  • McKinley Building – 3rd and 5th Floors
  • Mid Campus Center – 2nd and 9th Floors
  • MPRB – 3rd, 5th, and 9th Floors
  • Northwest Towers – 8th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th, and 15th Floors
  • Olin Residence Hall – First Floor
  • Orthopedic – Chesterfield
  • Siteman Center – South County
  • SRF – East Building – Lower Level/Break Room
  • SW Tower Building – (Metabolism) Eight Floor
  • Tab Building – Main Floor
  • Wohl Research Building – Second Floor Hallway

West Campus :

  • West Campus Café, Third Floor, and Fourth Floor

North Campus:

  • Across from Northern Bites

To report problems with the vending machines, complete an online Vending Machine Service Report.


Members of the Washington University community may use their Bear Bucks account to pay for printing services at Washington University Libraries. Users may also log on to computers with their WUSTL Key. Instructions are available at each workstation. Print stations may be found at:

  • Art & Sciences Computing Center (Eads Hall)
  • Bear’s Den (South 40 House)
  • Chemistry Library (Louderman Hall)
  • East Asian Library (January Hall)
  • Humanities Digital Workshop (Eads Hall)
  • Gaylord Music Library
  • Kopolow (Business) Library (Simon Hall)
  • Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library (Kemper Art Museum)
  • Law Library (Anheuser-Busch Hall)
  • Olin Library
  • Pfeiffer Physics Library (Compton Hall)
  • Rettner Earth & Planetary Sciences Library (Rudolph Hall)
  • Social Sciences Computing Center (Seigle Hall)
  • West Campus Library

For more information about library printing, please visit the Technology in the Libraries page.

 GET Funds

GET Funds app
  • Students may add funds by billing their student account through GET.
  • Parents, friends and family can deposit funds into a student’s account through GET.
    • When adding funds to GET, please use Firefox or Internet Explorer.
    • There is a 3% service fee on all credit card deposits to Bear Bucks. 
  • Employees manage their account in HRMS. To enroll and manage your account online follow these simple steps:
    • Log in to HRMS
    • Select “Employee Self Service”
      • “Personal Information”
      • “Campus Interaction”
      • “Campus Card/Bear Bucks Information”
  • Employees may add up to $400 per pay period via HRMS. Additional funds can be added and paid with a credit or debit card through GET.
  • Cash, checks, and credit and debit cards are accepted for deposit at Campus Card Services; the minimum deposit is $1, and no coins will be accepted.


You can now use Bear Bucks on Grubhub! Whether you’re on campus or at home, you can use your remaining balance or add money to use Grubhub delivery. It’s a great way to support your local restaurants. Here’s how to get started:

  • Download the Grubhub app on your mobile device
  • Sign up for campus dining by going to MyGrubhub > Settings > Campus Dining.
  • Add your campus card by gong to Settings > Payment > Add new payment.
  • Order and get your food delivered anywhere, on campus or at home!


If you want to use Bear Bucks on Grubhub, you must deposit funds into your account via GET. The charge feature will not work with Grubhub.