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Please ignore Campus ID and Card columns. These are for internal loading purposes only. Auto-formulas are used on the 11-digit card numbers you specify.

Fill in Card Number, First Name, Last Name, and Bear Bucks Funded Loaded on each line. The card number can be found physically on each Summer Temporary Card given to your group by Summer Programs & Conference Services.

The template allows 80 pre-made rows with formulas and a footer-total row that shows your total deposit amount. Please re-enter this amount at the end of the form for billing purposes.

(OSGA) Open Summer Bear Bucks Group Account
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Card Functionality & Design

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Bear Bucks Funds Restriction Options
Inquire for a detailed list of terminals in each category.


View the starter file template: Download Template

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Upload a spreadsheet(.xlsx) file or .csv made through Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program. The file should be a complete listing of all the cardholders(as rows) you are wishing to add Bear Bucks funds to. For columns, each cardholder row must include a column for First & Last Name, 11-digit WashU ID Number, and amount of funds you wish to deposit to each cardholder. All information must be complete, to ensure the deposit of funds.


Holds will be placed on funds and card access will be disabled for all cards on this date. Activation time cannot exceed 2 years.

Cost Summary