New Student ID Card
Official Work-Order form of Campus Card Services.
Intended for newly matriculated undergraduate and graduate students of Washington University in St. Louis.
New student ID cards are free of cost.
Allow 5-20 minutes after submission for a confirmation email to be sent to you.
Completion of this form is not a guarantee you will receive an ID card. Submission of this work order is SUBJECT TO REVIEW. Our office receives thousands of ID requests during this period, and the completion of this form aids our process, helping us minimize wait times for you and your peers. Thank you!
New Student ID Card

Contact Information

In case of complications with your submission, we may call this number verify your details.

University Affiliation

This number can be found on the front page of your WebStac. We must have this number in order to process your work order.
Have you ever had a WashU ID card before?
Which type of new student are?
Which school have you been admitted into?
Which graduate-level program have you been admitted into?
Where will your residence be during your upcoming studies?
This information lets our office know if we will be able to coordinate with the Office of Residential Life regarding your University profile.

Submitting your ID Portrait

Please submit a .jpg file for best results. PDF files will not be accepted. Only submit ONE photo of yourself.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
I certify that all the information above is accurate and my own.