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Pre-College Programs
Applying for a WashU ID Card
  • Once you submit, give 5-10 minutes to receive a confirmation email at the personal contact you specify.
  • If you do not receive confirmation, re-complete the form. If issues persist, call Campus Card Services at (314) 935-8800
How you’ll receive your card
  • By submitting before the deadline of May 20, you guarantee that you will receive your card as a part of your Pre-College Programs Orientation.
Pre-College Programs Cards

Contact Information

Once your WUSTL key is activated, you can find your 6-digit Student ID Number on the home page of your WebStac profile. On mobile, go to View Webpage as Full Desktop Site to see this. email preferred. For students waiting on the activation of their WUSTL key overnight, please provide an email you check regularly.
In case of complications with your submission, we may call this number verify your details.

ID Information

Have you ever had a WashU ID Card before?

Submitting your ID Portrait

Please submit a .jpg file for best results. PDF files will not be accepted. Only submit ONE photo of yourself.
I commit that the photo included below is a true depiction of myself.
By submitting a photo to the Campus Card Services via Card Center, you are declaring the uploaded photo is a true depiction of your current personal image (taken within 6 months). Submission of a false image may result in a replacement fee for your Campus Card ($25) and/or a referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. The Campus Card Office reserves the right to reject any photo not in compliance with our guidelines.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
I certify that all the information above is accurate and my own.