The Washington University in St. Louis student ID card displays the student’s name and ID number, color photograph, academic division code, and the date of issue. The ID card provides current students with restricted access to various campus buildings and labs, residence halls, the athletic complex, and the WUSTL shuttle system. Students may also use their ID cards for library privileges, meal plans, and admission to student activities.

Students at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are issued identification cards through the Office of the Registrar at the School of Medicine, located in the McDonnell Science Building on the Medical Campus.

Student ID cards issued from either campus are valid throughout the university, so multiple cards are not needed. Please note that some areas of the Medical Campus require that a WUSM ID card be physically displayed.

When to Carry the ID Card

All Washington University students should carry their student ID cards whenever they are on campus, using the campus shuttle, or using a Metro U-Pass. During periods of heightened security, access to the campus may be limited to those university faculty, staff, and students in possession of a current valid WUSTL identification card.

Replacement Cards

Only current students may receive replacement student ID cards.

Damaged or Updated Cards

Students may replace damaged ID cards or cards showing outdated information at Campus Card Services. No fee is charged if a current card is exchanged for the new card.

For a name change or correction, documentation of the student’s legal name is required (in the form of a driver’s license, passport, marriage license, etc.). Please contact the Office of the University Registrar to obtain a name change or correction.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen student ID cards on the Danforth Campus can be replaced at Campus Card Services. The student must present some other form of positive identification (picture ID) to replace the lost or stolen card. There is a $25 charge to replace a lost or stolen card.

Card Access and Campus Card Services

For difficulty with door access or card functions, contact the office associated with the issue you are experiencing or click on the link provided.

  • After-hours access to specific classroom buildings and laboratory facilities: Contact the department administrator for that building.
  • Residence hall or dorm room access: Contact the Residential Life Office in South 40 House or at (314) 935-5050, the Village Office in Village House or at (314) 935-8828, or your RA.
  • Meal plan: Deactivate, add points, and check balances online at WebSTAC, in person at the Residential Life Office in South 40 House, or contact Dining Services on the South 40 or at (314) 935-7098.
  • Campus card program (laundry/vending/Bear Bucks): Visit us in the Women’s Building or call (314) 935-8800.
  • University Libraries: Contact the help desk at the applicable university library.
  • Athletic Complex: Contact Andrew Koch at the Athletic Complex by calling (314) 935-4703.
  • Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis: Call Protective Services at (314) 362-4813 or (314) 362-HELP.
  • Stolen card: Contact Campus Police at (314) 935-5555.

Multiple WUSTL Relationships

Individuals who have multiple relationships with WUSTL (e.g., staff and student) will receive only one WUSTL ID card that reflects the primary relationship to the university. Full-time faculty and staff who take classes at WUSTL will not be issued student ID cards. Full-time students who work part-time at WUSTL will not be issued staff cards.

Incoming Students

WUSTL encourages new students to obtain an ID card upon matriculation. An initial student ID card is provided at no cost. Incoming freshmen are typically notified during the summer that they may send a photo in advance so that their student ID cards are ready when they arrive on campus for orientation in August.