Your WashU ID
A WashU ID Card is your gateway to life at Washington University in St. Louis.
Where can I use my card?

Your WashU ID card is proof of your identity and affiliation with the University while on campus.

During periods of heightened security, you may be asked by University staff or officials to produce your WashU ID for verification.

Always carry your ID with you while on campus.

Building Card Access

Your ID card provides you electronic or standalone swipe access into Danforth and/or Medical Campus buildings, labs, and multi-purpose rooms.

Building access is unique to each University student, faculty-staff member, contractor, or guest, and is thus complex.

See our Guide to Card Access
Dining Plan

Your ID provides physical payment access to your dining points which can be used at on-campus dining locations. Popular spots include Bears’ Den on the South 40, the Danforth University Center, and Village Dining in Lopata House.

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Bear Bucks

Additionally, your card holds a “Campus Card Account” called Bear Bucks which can be used tax-free on campus as well as off-campus for easy transactions.

Learn more about Bear Bucks
WashU Shuttle

Your WashU ID grants you free access to the WashU Shuttle Network. The network includes a Campus Circulator as well as seven neighborhood routes that reach the Delmar Loop, West Campus, South Campus, the Central West End and Medical Campus, and more.

Learn more about the WashU Shuttle System
STL Transit

Student/Faculty-Staff must carry their WashU ID alongside their complimentary Metro U-Pass. St. Louis’s metro system offers a variety of bus and train routes for public use.

Request a U-Pass

With a swipe of your WashU ID card, students can access their printing allowance to be used across WashU campuses.

Learn more about how/where to print on campus.
Residential Life Laundry

WashU ID with Bear Bucks is the primary payment method for students purchasing laundry loads for washing and drying.

See our full guide to Campus Laundry

For many in-person exams and tests on campus, you may be asked to produce your WashU ID card or your six-digit Student ID number displayed on the card.

See more of what the card displays…
Bear Bucks
Your Campus Card Account, Bear Bucks, allows you to make tax-free purchases at on-campus shopping locations in addition to being the primary payment method for residential laundry, campus vending, and printing machines.
Off-campus, the card is accepted at numerous private merchants located on the Delmar Loop, Downtown Clayton, South Campus, and the Central West End.
Learn More about Bear Bucks
What does my ID display?
Official Name

Your legal Last Name will be shown as officially documented with the University. This name can only be changed through verification with the Office of the University Registrar.

Preferred Name

Washington University in St. Louis recognizes that many students prefer to use names other than their legal ones to identify themselves. As long as the use of this preferred name is not for the purposes of misrepresentation, the university acknowledges that a “preferred name” can and should be used where possible in the course of university education and communication.

Students may change this name at any time within WebStac.

Learn More about WashU’s Preferred Name policies
Card Number

Each card provided by Campus Card Services includes a several-digit, card number that identifies it individually from other cards and from any replacement card you may request.

WashU ID Number

Your personal ID number is a six-digit code that identifies you throughout the University campus. Departmental forms or on-campus services may use this code to informally verify your identity on campus. For transactions, Student ID/Faculty-Staff ID numbers should not be used.

Lost Card Code (LCC)

This small number near the center of your card is called the Lost Card Code. It simply refers to what iteration of your card you are currently using. If you receive a replacement card at any time, it is important to know that previous versions of your card will no longer carry your access or campus accounts.

Capturing your own Portrait

We want you to be confident in your ID portrait! That is why we allow you to capture and submit your own photo to us. If you would prefer, our office can also take ID photos in-person at any time for no additional charge. ID Photo Specification are linked below.

See our ID Portrait Rules & Guidelines
Multiple Affiliations

Many individuals at our University are listed under multiple affiliations (e.g. Student & Faculty-Staff). These members will receive only one WashU ID with their Primary Affiliation indicated on the front. If your Primary Affiliation changes, it is common practice to request a Replacement Card at our office.


WashU Students will also see a two-letter alpha code that indicates their Academic College on file.

How do I use my card?
Swiping the card
  • Locate a card entry station located in the general area of its corresponding door.
  • Swipe your card in a downward motion with the back of the card and its two magnetic strips facing your RIGHT.
  • See below for which strip-side to use, A or B…
Swipe on the A side for…
  • Access to your authorized buildings within their operating hours.
  • Paying with Bear Bucks
  • Paying with your Dining Meal Plan (for Undergraduates only)
Swipe on the B side for…
  • Entry into standalone locks (e.g. special labs, multi-purpose rooms, restricted thoroughfares, or departmental doors)
  • Most University members won’t need/can’t use their B side, and use of this side required special encoding on a card-to-card, person-to-person basis.
WashU ID Terms & Conditions
The ID card is administered by Washington University Campus Card Services. Terms are subject to change.
Your WashU ID card’s magnetic strips are essential for card usage. Magnetic fields may demagnetize these magnetic strips. Protect your ID card by taking a few precautionary measures:
  • Keep your card away from computers, cell phones, TVs, stereo equipment, microwaves, and other magnetic devices.
  • Do not store your card where it may bend or come in direct contact with other magnetized cards. Damage or misuse of the card may render it unusable.
While your card provides a link to your Bear Bucks account, no value is stored on your card. If you lose your card or it becomes demagnetized, your account is not lost. If you lose your WashU ID card, you may obtain a new card at Campus Card Services in the Women’s Building, Suite 002.
Note: The lending, selling, or illegal production of identification cards is strictly prohibited. Washington University in St. Louis identification cards remain the property of the university. The use of a WashU ID card by anyone other than that student is prohibited and may constitute a violation of the University Student Conduct Code (the sanction for fraudulent use of an ID card can be a fine of $250 or greater). Students are encouraged to guard their student ID card as they would a driver’s license or credit card. The university reserves the right to deny card privileges to a student if Washu ID cards are repeatedly lost.