Replacement ID Card Process
Answer the questions below and we can tell you exactly how to prepare for receiving your new ID card.
Your Checklist
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A complete, personalized checklist can only be provided if all avaliable questions below are answered accurately and completely.
Campus Card Services does not issue proximity ID badges for primary use on Washington University’s Medical Campus.
Please see Protective Services for more information on receiving a replacement Medical Campus ID.
You have your card indicated as both lost and damaged. Please select only one.
Report your card stolen to WUPD
This action is vital in protecting your identity on campus and your WashU purchasing accounts from misappropriation. Reporting your stolen card to WUPD allows your lost card to be temporarily disabled until you can obtain a replacement.
Change your Preferred Name
Per the University’s Preferred Name policy, students may display a first name other than their legal first name on their Student ID card. This change can be made independently through WebStac.
Consult the Office of the University Registrar
The complete name change you have indicated can only made with direct action directly Office of the University Registrar. Contact their office for more information.
Return your damaged card
By returning your damaged, cracked, or broken card to our office, we can issue a new card free of charge and contribute to our our sustainability mission.
Know your WashU ID number/SIS ID
The official University directory system used for card printing is an extensive list of all members of our community both past and present. It is extensive and makes it difficult to look up any individual community member by first or last name alone. By providing your Student or Faculty/Staff ID number, you expedite this process. Students can find their ID number on WebStac, Faculty/Staff members on Workday.
Collect a form of government ID
When you arrive to our office, we are going to need to verify who you are. Bring a valid government photo ID. (e.g. license, passport, state ID, or last four digits of your SSN)
Prepare a payment method
The card reprint you are seeking will incur a Card Replacement Fee. Our office accepts cash, credit card, Bear Bucks, or we can bill a Student Account directly.
Come to our office
Upon your arrival, one of our associates will assist you. We will ask for your government ID and WashU number as indicated above. You will have to wait about one minute for your card to print. Then, collect your things and have a great day! 🙂
Replacement ID Checklist Maker
Which WashU campus do you primarily work on?
What is your primary University affiliation?
What is the condition of your current WashU ID card?
What information on your current card needs to be updated?
What was your most-recent, previous affiliation?
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