NEW Faculty-Staff ID Process
Follow the directions below to recieve your new Faculty-Staff ID
Your Checklist
Campus Card Services does NOT issue proximity ID badges for primary use on Washington University’s Medical Campus.
Please see Protective Services for more information on receiving a replacement Medical Campus ID.
Submit your I-9 and allow time for processing
You will not be able to pick up your new WashU ID unless your I-9 has been submitted, and more than 24 hours have passed.
Know your WashU Faculty-Staff ID
The official University directory system used for card printing is a list of all members of our community both past and present. It is extensive and makes it difficult to look up any individual community member by first or last name alone. By providing your Faculty/Staff ID number, you expedite this process. You can find your number on Workday under your profile.
Your ID Portrait
Your official WashU ID Portrait will be taken in-office when you arrive. This step will currently require you to remove your mask for just a few seconds.
Collect a form of government ID
When you arrive to our office, we are going to need to verify who you are. Bring a valid government photo ID. (e.g. license, passport, state ID, or last four digits of your SSN)
Come to our office
Upon your arrival, one of our associates will assist you. We will ask for your government ID and WashU number as indicated above. You will have to wait about one minute for your card to print. Then, collect your things and have a great day! 🙂