Manage your ID
Our office provides a variety of tools to customize your WashU ID.
Change Card Info
Preferred Name
Students can edit their Preferred Name at any time through WebStac
Once you’ve made this change on WebStac, you can come to Our Office to print and recieve your new card.
Official Name & SSN
Changes to an official legal name or social security as seen by the University is directly handled by the Office of the University Registrar.
Primary University Affiliation
Individuals with multiple WashU titles (e.g. Student and Faculty-Staff), will only receive a single ID card for their primary affiliation.
Fill Out a Replacement Card Request
Update your ID Portrait
Changing your ID Portrait is avaliable for Students at a $25 fee.
Submit a new Portrait
Get a Replacement Card
Lost or Stolen
If your card has been lost/stolen, contact WUPD immidiately and report that your card is missing. In response to your report, University Security will be able to temporarily disable your card and prevent your identity, access, and accounts from being used maliciously.
After you have done this, you can fill out a Replacement Card Request. If you cannot produce your current WashU ID to our office, a Replacement Card is subject to fees.
If you card has been damaged, no longer swipes into your regular buildings, or is broken completely, our office can replace it at no cost.
Please fill our a Replacement Card Request.
Place a Replacement Card Request
Review your Access
Your WashU ID card provides you access into buildings across the Danforth Campus, Medical Campus, and the South 40. Card access is custom for each cardholder and can be complex to manage. See our guide for more information on altering or adding access.
Questions about access to buildings should be directed to Access Control & Electronic Security
Our department does not/cannot alter your Card Access.
See Full Guide to Access