A temporary department card is created to help departments allow temporary access to spaces within their jurisdiction.

A temporary department card is used to provide door access to individuals who do not regularly require such access and, therefore, should not have the access programmed onto their personal WashU ID cards.


This Temporary Department Card Policy applies to all departments within Washington University that are located on the Danforth Campus or any satellite buildings and have requested a temporary department card. Specifically, it includes the following individuals:

  • Department building liaison – A designated employee within each department who has authorization to distribute temporary department cards.
  • Temporary user – A person who requires temporary access to a space on the Danforth Campus or satellite campuses.


  1. Prior to being granted a temporary department card, each department must complete the Temporary Department Card Request Form.
  2. Once authorization has been granted, the department will be provided with a temporary department card created by Campus Card Services. If the department requests more than one card, the request will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The card will be picked up by the authorized department in such a manner as to ensure it is received only by the authorized department.
  3. The department must record the distribution of the temporary department card by entering information in the Temporary Department Card Record, a document distributed by and shared with Campus Card Services.
  4. If a temporary department card be misplaced, lost, or stolen, it is critical that the department contact Campus Card Services or the University Police Department to immediately disable the card.


Temporary Department Card Request Form must be completed.
The Temporary Department Card Request Form is to be completed and provided to Campus Card Services by the department to obtain a card. The department must provide the following information:

  • Department name and billing code
  • Department building liaison name
  • Department building liaison telephone number
  • Campus building access needed
  • Department building liaison signature
  • Expiration date

Department building liaison must obtain card from Campus Card Services.
Campus Card Services will create and issue the card to the department building liaison upon receiving the completed Temporary Department Card Request Form.

  • The cost of a temporary department card is $10 per card.
  • The card will be limited to two years from the date of issue before it will have to be reissued.
  • The department building liaison is responsible for ensuring each temporary user adheres to card policies created by the department.

Department building liaison must verify temporary user identity.
Prior to the issuance of a temporary department card, department building liaisons must identify temporary users via external identity verification methods, including identification documents with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Photograph

Department building liaison must enter information in Temporary Department Card Record.
Campus Card Services will email the Temporary Department Card Record spreadsheet to the department building liaison after the card has been issued to the department. The spreadsheet is a Google Doc that can be edited online and shared by multiple users at the same time. To track the distribution of temporary department cards, the department building liaison must input the following information in the Temporary Department Card Record:

  • Checkout date of card
  • Temporary user name
  • Temporary user email address
  • Temporary user phone number
  • Return date of card

Department building liaison must email the Access Control and Electronic Security office to request additional access.
If additional access needs to be placed on card, the department building liaison must make the request, in writing, to the Access Control and Electronic Security office at cardaccess@wustl.edu.

Department building liaison must contact Campus Card Services to disable card.
If a temporary department card is no longer needed, it must be disabled to prevent its use. The department building liaison must immediately contact Campus Card Services or the University Police Department (WUPD) to disable the card. If any issues arise from failing to promptly notify Campus Card Services or WUPD that a card should be disabled, the department will be liable.

Routine audits of department temporary cards will be performed to ensure each department is abiding by these policies and procedures. Violation of any of these policies or procedures will be considered a security breach, and the department’s privileges will be revoked.