Your WashU ID, provided by Campus Card Services, can open two types of doors across the Danforth Campus

Standalone Access

Electronic Access

Identifying Types of Doors

These two photos are of standalone, offline access doors.

This photo shows an electronic door.

Requesting New Access

Where your door is located, determines which office to submit your request to.

Place an Access Request

Danforth Campus

All new access requests on the Danforth Campus must be sent to Access Control & Electronic Security for review and approval.

This can achieved by emailing Access Control at or calling 314-935-7703. Their office located in the Millbrook Building is open Weekdays, 8am to 4pm. Standalone Access cards can also be coded at their office. (See below for more details)

Once you have contacted Access Control, see your next steps below.

Medical Campus

All requests for access and cards on the Medical Campus must be sent through Protective Services.

Standalone Access:
Receive encoding

Standalone access doors must be manually added to your card in-person. Where you go for encoding depends on where access has been added to your card. If you require access to doors in multiple locations listed below, you will need to present yourself and your card to each location for encoding.

South 40

Residential Life independently controls all South 40 access to ensure security.

For more information contant Rachel Hinnah 314-935-5032

The Village, Sorority & Fraternity Life

Residential Life independently controls all Village and Sorority & Fraternity Life access to ensure security.

For more information contact Debbra Turner 314-935-5828

Danforth Campus

Campus Card Services encodes all standalone locks on the Danforth Campus.

Electronic Access:
Receive confirmation

Once you have been notified of your approval for electronic access, you can proceed.

Changing your access requires no further steps on your part.

Allow for 10-20 minutes for system updates to take effect.

If you continue to see access difficulties, contact Access Control again per the card above.