Off-Campus Criminal Background Check Instructions (for MACHS locations)

The Off Campus Criminal Background Checks (done at a MACHS fingerprinting location) must be completed no later than 20 business days prior to the first date of check-in.

  1. You must go to to register for your OFF CAMPUS background check. Fingerprinting locations for Off Campus Background Checks can be found online at time of registration.
  2. Select “Click Here to Access the MACHS Fingerprint Search Portal to schedule a background check by Fingerprints”.
  3. Select “Click Here to Register with MACHS”.
  4. Enter the 4 digit Registration Number of 5764.
  5. Enter your complete demographic information.
  6. Finalize your registration and print your Transaction Control Number (TCN) for future reference.
  7. Payment may be made online at the time of registration with a credit card or at the fingerprinting location (money order, cashier’s check, check or cash in exact fee amount of $40.30).
  8. Complete the MoVECHS Waiver Agreement and Statement form and mail to the following address:
    Campus Card Services
    CB 1055
    1 Brookings Drive
    Washington University in St. Louis
    St. Louis, MO 63130
  9. Read and keep the Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights document.
  10. You must bring a valid state or federal issued photo ID to your fingerprinting appointment.
  11. Complete online course “Keeping Our Children Safe”.

Please remember to bring a valid state or federal issued photo ID to your fingerprinting session.