At this time, Campus Card Services is unable to offer in-person fingerprint background checks. An online background check through Castlebranch is available. The following registries are included in the online background check:

  1. Missouri Statewide Criminal Records
  2. U.S. County Criminal Records, Past 7 years
  3. Nationwide Sexual Offender Registry
  4. Nationwide Federal Criminal Records
  5. Residency History Search
  6. Social Security Alert
  7. Missouri CD Central Abuse Registry

The cost of the online Castlebranch background check is $55 and will be billed to your student account.

Please note: this form should not be completed by individual students who are requesting a background check to participate in student group programming. You should instead register via WUGO.

Individual Request for Background Check
This will be used to bill the cost of background check.
(i.e. for student teaching)

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