For Students

Students can request their access one of two ways:

Professors or academic staff may add access to your card remotely as a part of a class you are taking. For example, students enrolled in a GIS-based class may receive extra access to the GIS Lab in Rudolph Hall for the duration of the class. If you have not received additional access in connection to a class or school, please contact your professor or academic advisor.

Student groups may need extra access to a building or suite. If this applies to you, you should coordinate that request with a Campus Life staff member or GPS advisor directly.

Many pre-medical students hold Medical Campus access. If your WashU ID Card becomes lost or stolen for any reason, the process to print a new card removes your medical campus access. Please coordinate with a department staff member to coordinate access being re-added to your card. Note: Your Danforth Campus & ResLife access should automatically crossover between cards with no issue.

For Faculty & Staff members

Adding, modifying, or removing electronic card access to buildings, doors, labs, closets can be requested through the Office of Card Access & Electronic Security. The best practice to make this request is by email at

Room doors across Residential Life facilities on the South 40, the Village, North Apartments, and the Lofts are managed directly by the Office of Residential Life.

Access(not including standalone locks, see below) is managed remotely, meaning that you will not need to travel to an office to have your card encoded to these doors.

Non-residential doors with keypads are called standalone or offline locks that can only be added in-person by visiting the Campus Card Services.

Medical Campus

Medical Campus proximity & swipe lock access is managed by Protective Services. Please read Access Control & ID Badges for up-to-date information. New Medical Campus access is usually added through departmental request.

NOTICE! See information on students on the Danforth Campus’s Medical Campus access